Miroslava Dulova - Travel and Golf Photojournalist

My fellow golf friends!
Welcome to mdgolfphoto.com – my personal collection of photographs from world’s best golf courses.

I work as a Travel and Golf Photojournalist and I am a member of IAGTO – GTWA, EGTMA, IFJ and Slovak Syndicate of Journalists. Since 2001 when I started to play golf, this great sport has become an addiction to me and now I would like to share some of my golf photographs with you.

Out of several tens of thousands photographs I have taken in the last decade, almost thousand can be found on this website, neatly organized per country, per golf course. I am constantly adding new photographs, so make sure you stop by again to check out the newest additions!

All photographs have a watermark, if you are interested in high-resolution photographs for print/online use, please send me an E-mail.